Icelandic fish + british tradition = fish & chips

From the very beginning, the Reykjavik Fish & Chips Stall has been a member of the UK‘s National Federation of Fish Friers. where membership is a seal of approval in its own right. However, strict measures need to be met on overall product quality and hygiene.

Fish‘n‘Chips are the undisputed National dish of Great Britain. Shops serving Fish‘n‘Chips have a unique position in the UK fast food market with over twice as many units as the combined number of McDonald‘s and KFC outlets.

Karl krónprins tekur til hendinni í einum af 10.500 fish & chips veitingastöðum Bretlands. Fiskur & franskar eru í uppáhaldi allra, líka kóngafólksins!

Quality Icelandic fish is an integral part of the British tradition. As it happens, the UK‘s Fish‘n‘Chips shops provide the world‘s single largest market for Icelandic cod and haddock.

The entrepreneurs behind the Reykjavik Fish & Chips Stall learned their trade in the UK, avidly supported by the National Federation of Fish Friers during the preparation process.

As members of the NFFF, the owners of the Fish & Chips Stall in Reykjavík are proud to belong to a federation that combines British food tradition and quality fish, caught from sustainable stocks in the clear waters of Iceland.